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Great service from the team near Rotterdam!

Great service from the team near Rotterdam!

Saturday afternoon we get a phone call.
John lost is wallet and IPhone 12 in the Old Harbour in Rotterdam.

A well-known location for us, the always cozy eatery Kade4.

This place is the place that people lose the most IPhones in a year by far.

In 3 days 5 IPhones were lost.

Peter en Mitchell could go there directly.


So within an hour after the cellphone 📱 fell in it was recovered.

Also all the other phones and the lost wallet was recovered.
A great night of magnet 🧲 fishing.

Normally Mitchell finds the phones the quickest but Saturdaynight it was Peter that found all items.

Once again our thanks to the owner and employees of eatery Kade 4 for the hospitality and cooperation.
Always nice to be there.

Read the report of John himself here.

Great service from the team near Rotterdam!
They found our iPhone and also a wallet which fell into the Oude Haven.
They were quick to respond and found our missing items within an hour after they fell in!

I would save this number because you never know when your personal belongings will go for a swim.
There is just too much water in the Netherlands for it not to happen eventually.


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