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I had a bit bad luck starting with 2024.

I had a bit bad luck starting with 2024.

I had a bit bad luck .

On January 5 evening, I was on my bike for a decent dinner at a restaurant near Oude Delft, just needed to ride over a steep bridge.
At the moment I climbed almost to the top, I heard a dull and solid sound of an object hitting the bridge and followed by a splash. I rode down the bridge and checked all the pocket and confirm that this really happened, my phone is not in a canal.

I had a bit bad luck .

I was speechless, the phone carries two sim card and comes with a folding card holder that has my ID, student card, ov-chipkaard and in it.

Looking for help.

I started looking for help of several days, I tried calling the fire brigade but in the end they said they are not responsible for this kind of matter, I had a tough weekend. but on Monday while I was browsing the internet trying to find a solution, under a post in Reddit, I saw a recommendation of, it looks exactly what I need, I immediately gave it a call. Answered by Martin, we had a short conversation of my situation. He asked to fill in the form on website and quickly reached out again on WhatsApp.

Gevonden-verloren comes to help in Delft

Next day Martin came with his colleague Sylvia, tried magnet fishing but didn’t work. Martin said he applied for the diving permit and next week he’ll try getting down the canal with a metal detector.
On the Monday morning of next week, Martin was suiting up by the canal talking with his dad Peter when I arrive. He took some time to get ready, slowly swam to the spot.

I had a bit bad luck .

Around 5 minutes, he pops out the water with my phone on his left hand.

I had much more confidence than last time with magnet fishing, but I still felt ultimately cheerful to see the familiar blue phone shining through the brown old-fashioned phone case.

Yes! That’s the phone!

On the way to a new adventure.

Carrying out beatiful, emotional assigsments with our beautiful foundation.

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