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Wedding rings fell in water during wedding ceremony

Wedding rings fell in water during wedding ceremony

Wedding rings fell in water during wedding ceremony
It seems an impossible story, but it happend.
See the video, read the blog, and feel the emotions

We volunteer of received this email 18:16 18-05-2018

“From: Harro Jansen 
subject: Lost wedding rings
As a fallow diver i ask your help.

This afternoon during the wedding ceremony the wedding rings of my daughter in la wand son fell in the water.
We urgently need some metal detecting divers to help us 

we can show the spot where it happened.
The day suddenly fell in the water after this happening.

enthusiastic greets, Harro Jansen”

We need to help and fast!

Some telephone calls and we are on the move.
We arrive on 20:05
Ed Slats also volunteer of Gevonden-verloren did some recon already so that made it easier to start.


We parked the car grabbed our gear and of we went.

This is how it Happened!

Peter and Yvonne having the best day of their life.
A beautiful location on top of the water, there is where the ceremony will start.
During the ceremony it went wrong, the wedding rings felt true the wooden boards into the water even before they could give the ring to each other.
A Dream turnt into a nightmare.

Luckily, they found us on google.
And we went there to help them

See the video:

A lovely location a lovely couple and a happy end

We found both rings in 40 minutes.
The first ring was easy and found between 5 and 10 minutes.
The second one was hard.
We could Nd use metal detectors because of tight space and trash underwater.

So, we picked our favorite item to dive with!!
The MI-6 of XP
The feeling and the emotions when we found them where great
every word is an understatement!

Op weg naar een nieuw avontuur.

Prachtige, emotionele opdrachten uitvoeren met onze mooie stichting.

Hier doen wij het als stichting voor!!

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