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From Bike to waterbike, and a story with it!

From Bike to waterbike, and a story with it!

From Bike to waterbike, and a story with it!
The story is written by the loveley cirl from Greece (Also in Rotterdam people loos things in the water, but what will u do when u loose something in the water)

It was around 5 hours before the year changed and I was super happy going to my friends.
This night was a clear windy night, perfect for the fireworks to come.
Everything changed when the wind pushed the bike in the water by our boathouse.
From Bike to waterbike.

Not just any bike!

Not just any bike! A bike with much years over it and deep sentimental value, the worse yet is that the bike wasnt mine!
It was my dear friend’s, and when I realised deep sadness and panic came to me.
It belonged to her grandma who recentley passed away

Please, safe the bike, I’m hopeless.

I tried multiple times to pull it out myself and I slowly became hopeless.
Untill I remembered there was someone who could help!
The notorious magnet and metaldetecting people of gevonden-verloren that find and fish out items from the masses and canals in the Netherlands.

When I first called them, their first response gave me ease.

Soon they were there, and I was so happy to see them.
Funny thing: they were exactly three generetions (Peter, Martin en Mitchell van Hees) of the family that came to me everybody having a special role to the mission.
At some point, they made it, and my joy was unspeakable!

Happy to see my friends airloom, the bike is wet.

I was so happy to see my friends airloom safe and sound (and wet).
Thanks to these people who saved the day!
A lot of hank you for what you do, for spreading happiness in small hopeless moments in these hard times.
Your tribute is important and please keep it up!
They were also individually amazing people, with smiles in their faces and wonderfull energies all around.

The story doesn’t end there though, as from the same mission more people enjoyed happiness

Martin says his story from the other side, he typed :  Ok here’s my story

I got so much energy because of your warmth and love for the help we had offered.

15 years ago I became chronically ill I got an autoimmune disease.
My joints and muscles continue to inflame.
Now for a few weeks I can no longer use any medication because my liver is not going well
My energy level is low but I enjoy it when we can help people.
When you also told me what the story behind this bike was after your nice reaction yesterday,
I got so much energy because of your warmth and love for the help we had offered.

This has made me realize that you don’t have to find 100 things but that a single item a week also gives me enough energy to spread the love.
I started this once alone now we have 45 volunteers across the country.
So proud of this, and because of the way you react, it gives the perseverance
I just needed it at the moment of a lot of pain and little energy, thank you for that!!

Everyone has a story to tell, if only we listen more to eachother the world is a beautifull place!

Please follow our social media accounts and spread the word and the love.

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“Our passion, your luck”