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Diamond Diving in the Dutch Ditch

Diamond Diving in the Dutch Ditch

Diamond Diving in the Dutch Ditch in Amstelveen

A call, ring fallen into the water.
A ring fell through the wooden parts of a bridge, into the ditch.
The ditch is a maximum of one meter deep (according to the victim and according to the witness)
It was a bit deeper than they thought

We go on the spot with waders and scoop the ring was not found

Attempt 2

Diving in the ditch in Amstelveen

Police and municipality agree.
the owner of the ring does not know that we are going to make a new attempt today.
An assignment earlier in the day went well and quickly.
So, we wanted to try it on this spot again.

Looking at the ditch you almost get nauseous.
A lot of junk and junk floats past, there is an air that is not healthy.
Yet an attempt!

Soon it appears that diving with the detector does not make sense.
Only Option diving with the Mi-6 of XP Deus (best pin-pointer ever)

A beautiful ring is surfaced, I am even silent for a moment.
We call the owner, who is stupefied when we tell him the good news.

Wading with the detector was impossible to find the ring.
Several steel and iron tubes ran through the ditch, many solid and large debris.
Lying on your stomach with the pinpointer was the only and best option.

We can wash ourselves with people who have admired us from the bridge

Fortunately, there were passersby who were very hospitable and understood that I would like to wash myself.
The stench that came out of the water and now came from me was not normal.

But it was worth it!!!

The best people were not at home, and this ring does not pour through the mailbox!!
We gave him a decent delivery in Amsterdam.

A wonderful day with many successful assignments through the country!

Op weg naar een nieuw avontuur.

Prachtige, emotionele opdrachten uitvoeren met onze mooie stichting.

Hier doen wij het als stichting voor!!

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