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My GoPro story!

My GoPro story!

My GoPro story!
Mario Luca verloor zijn GoPro.
Hij kreeg hem terug zonder dat hij onze hulp had ingeschakeld.
Lees hieronder zijn verhaal!

A GoPro story!

I bought a GoPro Hero 7 last June, to film the next holiday.
I couldn’t know but I would lose it a few days later while I was playing with friends in a lake.
Search for it for hours, but the muddy slime and the underwater vegetation made it impossible to find.
In the picture with me there is Fabio

An Italian guy who’s living in the Netherlands from more than 20 years.
Fabio is part of an organization called gevonden-verloren, its members go around looking for treasures with metal detectors.
When they can, they try to return the found objects by looking for clues or by posting photos of the findings.
So yesterday I received a message from this guy who days ago was diving in that lake with his equipment and accidentally found my camera.
He wanted to give it back to me without asking me anything in return because they do it out of passion.
Driven by the happiness you can read in the eyes of the people who find back an object in which they were emotionally linked, can be it a ring, a bracelet, a wallet, or a camera for what’s inside.
I admire them for this, because if they can, they do good in a disinterested way, and I can only reflect on it and try to do the same in similar occasions.
Thanks, a beautiful gesture @ Zwolle, Netherlands

Thanks, Mario Luca.

Gevonden verloren held Fabio had een GoPro7  gevonden en was er zeker van dat hij de eigenaar kon achterhalen.

Gedreven als persoon gedreven als vrijwilliger in een net zo gedreven groep ging hij aan de slag.

En ja hoor..


Today’s finds!
I went into full Sherlock Holmes mode, and I am fairly sure I have identified the owner of the GoPro Hero7 black.
I sent him a message and I am now waiting to hear back

Gevonden-verloren doet het gewoon!!

Op weg naar een nieuw avontuur.

Prachtige, emotionele opdrachten uitvoeren met onze mooie stichting.

Hier doen wij het als stichting voor!!

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